Preparing Your Vehicle for Fall and Winter

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The changing of seasons from winter to spring or summer to fall is a great time to get your vehicle all of the routine maintenance that it needs. This can include changing or topping off fluids, getting an oil change, having your tires inspected, and more.  

The colder weather can present challenges for your vehicle, so you'll want to make sure that it’s prepared with these car maintenance steps.

Why Your Car Needs a Tune Up

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Keeping up with the maintenance of your vehicle is an important responsibility as a car owner. As our cars start to age and rack up the miles on the odometer, it is essential to maintain it by having regular tune-ups performed on your vehicle in order to maximize the life of your car and give your engine and other systems a boost.

How to Prepare for a Summer Road Trip

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It's time to hit the road for summer, so you can jump in your car and go, right? Not quite.

How to Find the Right Mechanic

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When you need a car repair, you need it on a timely basis, and it is imperative that you go to an honest mechanic. How do you find the right person to work on your car?

Top 3 Things to Know About Diesel Engine Maintenance

Mechanic working on a diesel filter, close up
Diesel engines are incredible machines and have experienced significant technological advancements in recent years. The key to appreciating the benefits of new technology like biodiesel, lower emissions, and more is to take care of your diesel vehicle and keep it running smoothly.

Your Proactive Auto Maintenance Guide to Brake Pads

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Everyone can agree that brakes are a critical care need. It’s easy to take for granted the fact that your vehicle is going to stop when you press the brake pedal, and all it takes is one or more components to fail to place you in a terrifying or even lethal situation, fast! This is why you have to maintain your brakes, replace them when they are worn, and make sure they are operating correctly at all times. The condition of your brakes is not something you can let go of in terms of regular maintenance, due to the severity of the consequences should something fail. That’s why proactive maintenance is critical for your brakes to continue functioning reliably, for the life of your vehicle (and everyone inside of it!).

Need Hybrid Car Repair in Boise?

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Hybrid vehicle maintenance or repair is often seen as being expensive and hard to find a location that knows how to provide the right kind of maintenance.

Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance: Info & Tips

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If you're considering buying a hybrid vehicle (or already have one parked in your driveway) but aren't sure how you'll maintain it, don't worry--it's not as difficult as you might think.

Winter Driving Tips to Get You There Safely

Black suv driving in the snow, winter driving concept.
It's that time of year again: winter weather is coming, and it's coming fast. Are you (and your car) ready for the perils of driving on snowy, icy, and just plain cold roads? Here are a few winter driving tips to keep you safe and cozy this season!

What Proactive Vehicle Maintenance Is [& Why it Matters]

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With winter weather almost upon us (and, on some days, already upon us), it's more important than ever to make sure your car is up to the challenge.