Pre-Purchase Inspection

Shopping for a used vehicle is daunting task. From searching online listings and used car lots to haggling over price, it's a tricky process, but the biggest concern is the question of whether or not the vehicle you choose is going to go the distance, meet your needs, and not surprise you with costly repairs. 

That's why Naylor's Auto Repair offers pre-purchase inspections for used vehicles. When you think you've found "the one," you can have an experienced mechanic give the vehicle a thorough, 125-point inspection. They'll check all the major vehicle systems, plus all those little things you might forget to check, like the windshield wipers and accessory ports. The findings can give you peace of mind that you've found a great buy, or they might help you avoid a bad purchase or at least give you some negotiating power.

So what's included in a used vehicle pre-purchase inspection?