5 Things to Consider When Looking for a Local Mechanic

By Naylor's Auto Repair on Tue, 10/19/2021 - 13:24

We’ve all been there. The “what’s that sound?” or the “where is THAT leak coming from?!” Car repair is an inevitable and important part of maintaining the performance of your vehicle to keep those “CLUNK-KER-CHUNK, Oh No!” moments to a minimum.

So, you hear that sound and pull into the closest mechanic shop. You’re annoyed and worried hoping it’s an easy fix and that it won’t break the bank. Inexperienced and unsure, you feel like a minnow in a shark tank. Words are flying, prices are rising, and high-powered drills and compressors cloud your mind and you’re stuck feeling at the mercy of the person behind the counter. You need to find a local mechanic you can trust. You also want to do this while visiting the mechanic as infrequently as possible. So where do you begin?

Relying on Resources You Trust

Close friends and family are great resources when deciding on where to take your precious freedom mobile. Your dad is a wannabe gearhead, and he knows Joel down at Blahdey Blah’s is the only guy he lets touch his Trans Am. Well, if you trust your dad, Joel might be your guy, too. Your friend has a different opinion of Joel’s expertise of her specific vehicle model and takes her car to a national franchise boasting a lengthy track record of happy customers. As always you can (and should) do your own research. Look up the company website if possible to read more about their business specialties. Check the online reviews, build your opinion.

Care About Your Car

If you’re lucky enough to be in the situation to be proactive about choosing your mechanic (pre-CLUNK-KER-CHUNK), first, well done. Secondly, it is a good idea to have a mechanic shop you’re considering do some smaller maintenance before you bring in an extensive repair job. A mechanic will appreciate you for bringing them a regularly maintained vehicle. This makes the job less overwhelming, likely cutting down labor time and in effect, your total bill. Joel appreciates that your dad doesn’t let his tires go bald and brake rotors grind, and probably won’t charge him when he drops by for a quick “looky-loo” at that loose wire.

Honesty & Timeliness, Next to Godliness, Right?

Both parties want the same from each other, this should lend itself to a good relationship. If you have work done, you expect it to be completed in a timely manner. Upon satisfactory completion of the work, the shop expects the same timeliness of your payment. If you’re unsure of the work they are recommending, there is nothing wrong with getting another opinion.

Mechanics Are People, Too

Contrary to popular belief, a majority of mechanics and shops are not out to rake you over the coals with extra fees and unnecessary maintenance. It may be difficult in times of stress and car trouble to keep even-keeled. Just remember, kindness is a two-way street that goes a long way. The mechanic has the knowledge and experience you need and they want to keep your trust and retain your business. Work together to get yourself back on the road. Who knows, you may make a friend while gaining a trusted mechanic.

Relationships With Benefits

There are plenty of benefits of building a good relationship with a mechanic. Beginning with trusting that your car is in good hands in the event of any issue. When you have a good mechanic experience, you are likely to share that experience when someone asks you about their car trouble. Referring people to the mechanic you use will likely ensure quality care of your vehicle and fair prices along the way.

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