Taking Care of Your Car's Suspension

mechanic working in garage with vehicle on a lift, mechanic working on vehicle suspension

One of the things about your vehicle that is easy to forget about when it comes to service and maintenance is the suspension. Because it has a longer life span and is out of sight, it is often out of mind for most vehicle owners. That is until it fails and your vehicle is left needing a tow and significant service to this area.

Prius Repair and Maintenance in Boise

auto mechanic man holding a clipboard at workshop or warehouse, hybrid vehicle technician doing the checklist for repair or maintenance

Your Prius is built to function without flaw across the long haul, yet there will come a time when it needs maintenance and possibly a repair or two.  We understand you would prefer to continue driving without interruption so we go out of our way to ensure your maintenance or repair session goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

Winter Weather Tips for Your Ignition Interlock Device

woman using breath alcohol analyzer in the car, ignition interlock device

While having an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle is not always ideal, it is essential to maintain it so that it performs accurately and helps you have limited issues in your daily life.

Don't Let Winter Wear Down Your Diesel Engine

Professional mechanic in dirty protective gloves testing just installed nozzle into diesel car engine. Maintenance and repair concept for diesel engines

As the cooler temperatures start to creep in, your diesel engine is not a fan and can experience significant wear during the winter months. Before the weather continues to cool off or get any worse than it may be already, there are a few diesel engine maintenance tips to keep in mind to protect your engine through the seasonal weather.

Establishing a Relationship with Your Local Mechanic

Happy local mechanic smiling, in background there is another mechanic working on a vehicle

When you own a vehicle, car repairs are inevitable. By establishing a good relationship with a local mechanic, you can get quality repairs at affordable costs. Here are some tips on finding a reliable mechanic and establishing a rapport with him (or her) so you can benefit from all that he (or she) has to offer.

Preparing Your Vehicle for The Changing Seasons

fall car maintenance

The changing of seasons from Summer to Fall is a great time to get your vehicle all of the routine maintenance that it needs. This can include changing or topping off fluids, getting an oil change, having your tires inspected, and more.  

Fall can present challenges for your vehicle, so you'll want to make sure that it’s prepared with these car maintenance steps.

Why Your Car Needs a Tune Up

technician repairing or modify the car's engine in the garage. the concept of automotive, repairing, mechanical, vehicle and technology.

Keeping up with the maintenance on your vehicle is an important responsibility as a car owner. As our cars start to age and rack up the miles on the odometer, it is essential to maintain tune-ups for your vehicle. In order to maximize the life of your car, these periodic services are required to give your engine a boost.

How to Prepare for a Summer Road Trip

Rearview of friends driving in a convertible vehicle

It's time to hit the road for summer, so you can jump in your car and go, right? Not quite.

Even if your car is relatively new, you still want to make sure you are up to date on oil changes, light bulb replacement, tire pressure, and more. The summer-ready road trip check might seem like an optional thing, but if something happens, you'll wish you had done an overview of car safety. Get in the habit of reviewing simple maintenance needs before heading out.

How to Find the Right Mechanic

Close-up Thumb Up and Mechanics Hand with Tool

When you need a car repair, you need it on a timely basis, and it is imperative that you go to an honest mechanic. How do you find the right person to work on your car?

Someone that can save you money and is focused on customer service is a good fit, but you might have to do a little leg work to find them. Read on.

How Ignition Interlock Devices Work

Man in car blowing into breathalyzer, ignition interlock system

If you've been convicted of a DUI in Idaho and are required to install and use an ignition interlock device, you probably have plenty of questions. You could be wondering how do they work, where you can get it installed, and where do you even begin? Let's take a look at some of these questions and see how Naylor's Auto Repair can help guide you today.