How Do I Know if I Need a Wheel Alignment?

By Naylor's Auto Repair on Wed, 08/30/2023 - 17:49

At times it can feel like you need to be an expert on auto repair when it comes to owning a car. Yes, there are several components that can be difficult to fully understand on your own, but one of the best things you can keep track of as an owner is when your car's wheels need an alignment. Drivers should never forgo their car's alignments for too long, since they can directly impact the safety and performance of the vehicle.

Thankfully, Naylor’s Auto Repair will help you keep tabs on when your wheels are due for an alignment and can perform wheel alignments during your scheduled appointment for other services, or on-the-spot as a stand-alone service if you are noticing an alignment issue. Not all auto repair shops have their own alignment machines and have to send it out, so this is a unique advantage of being a Naylor’s customer. Together we can protect you and your vehicle from any additional damage or wear.

5 Common Signs Your Car Needs An Alignment

Knowing when you need a wheel alignment can be straightforward if you know what to look for. Some common signs that your vehicle may be due for an alignment include:

  • If your car consistently veers to the right or left while driving
  • Noticeable degradation or uneven wear on one side of a tire
  • A steering wheel that remains off-center, even when driving straight
  • Experiencing vibrations or shakes through the steering wheel
  • A persistent low humming sound while driving

If you've noticed one or a few of these issues, schedule an appointment with Naylor's Auto Repair, ASAP. We'd be happy to address the problem and check the rest of the steering components to make sure nothing else is causing the issue.

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How Often Should You Get An Alignment?

A general rule of thumb is to get a wheel alignment at least once a year or during every other oil change, which should typically happen every 6,000 miles. While it is possible to drive with misaligned wheels, it can worsen the condition and significantly wear down your tires, shortening their lifespan. If left for too long, other components in the steering system can become seriously damaged, creating an even more dangerous problem that’s costly to repair. If your car is requiring alignments in less than 6,000 miles, it’s worth mentioning to your technician at Naylor’s.

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Can You Get Car Alignment During Other Repairs?

Yes! At Naylor’s Auto Repair, we understand the importance of convenience and efficiency in vehicle maintenance. That’s why we offer the option to perform your routine wheel alignment during other repairs or preventative maintenance appointments like oil changes or AC tune-ups.

As a full-service auto repair shop, Naylor’s provides many additional services that may not be available at other establishments, like tire services, transmission repair or pre-purchase inspections making it easy for us to quickly include an alignment during other work.

Visit Naylor’s Auto Repair for Vehicle Wheel Alignment

For the very best in auto repair in Boise, schedule your next appointment with Naylor’s. We strive to provide a car maintenance experience that makes you and your vehicle feel like you’re in the right hands. Our technicians are thorough and transparent, so you can trust we’re giving you the best service possible. Call us or schedule an appointment online for your next wheel alignment or routine maintenance.