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Hybrid Car Maintenance: Stay on Schedule

hybrid mechanic with vehicle maintenance schedule

Have you hesitated to make the switch to a hybrid car because you're not sure how to handle maintenance? Hybrid cars are sophisticated devices with technology under the hood and on the dash that you may be encountering for the first time. Here are a few tips to help clear up some common concerns about owning a hybrid vehicle.

  1. You'll still be driving a gasoline engine. — The electric motor under a hybrid's hood works in tandem with a gasoline engine. What this means for you is that traditional maintenance requirements like changing the oil and replacing the timing belt are still very much a part of the picture. Hybrid cars require more frequent coolant checks due to the additional heat caused by the battery pack. Following the manufacturer's schedule and relying on an experienced technician are still your go-to resources for hybrid vehicle routine maintenance.
  2. Maintaining your electric motor. While it's true that your hybrid car will have an electric motor, the moving parts are minimal. The parts that may wear out are not difficult for an experienced technician to replace — as with any vehicle, sticking with a proactive maintenance schedule is key to your vehicle's longevity and lower costs for you.
  3. Concerned about the battery? The typical hybrid battery doesn't need replacing until it passes the 150,000-mile mark. The battery in your gasoline-powered car is changed more frequently than the battery in a hybrid car.

If you're thinking about making the transition to a hybrid car, Naylor's Auto Repair has extensive experience and training in Toyota Prius maintenance and repair. With factory training, qualified technicians, and a local reputation for customer service, you can count us to take good care of your hybrid car. Contact us to learn more!