Need Hybrid Car Repair in Boise?

By Naylor's Auto Repair on Thu, 02/27/2020 - 15:24

Hybrid vehicle maintenance or repair is often seen as being expensive and hard to find a location that knows how to provide the right kind of maintenance.

This is a popular myth about hybrid vehicles. The truth is, repairs for hybrid cars can be completed at your local repair shop, Naylor's Auto Repair, with one of the most highly trained and experienced hybrid vehicle repair technicians in Idaho.

You Don't Have to Go to the Dealership

Dealerships and car companies sometimes want to mislead customers by saying that repairs are costly and can only be done in specific locations. Don't fall for this!

At Naylor's Auto repair, owner Steve Bowshier has specialty training directly from the Toyota factory to work on Priuses and other Toyota hybrid cars. Now, Steve has 20 years of experience working on hybrid cars since he started repairing the Prius when it was first introduced in 2000.

Maintenance costs for hybrid cars are manageable and rational when you partner with a highly trained expert that has experience in the field. With the overall benefits of hybrid vehicles, recognizing that maintenance costs are not astronomical can make a big difference in deciding to invest in a smarter car.

Specialized Training Cuts Customer Costs

Combining specialized hybrid car repair training with a lifelong career in car repair means that the team at Naylor's Auto Repair knows how to fix your car, address proactive maintenance, and save you money. This is the team you want on your side.

Naylor's is Boise's Premier Prius Repair Shop

Naylor's Auto Repair has the tools, the training, and the background to ensure that you don't pay more to maintain your hybrid vehicle. You made a good investment, and now you want to get the most from it – talk to the team that knows the business at Naylor's Auto Repair.