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Why So Many People Prefer Independent Auto Shops

independent auto mechanic with customer

Have you been taking your car or truck to a dealership but are wondering what to do now that the new-car or dealership-extended warranty has expired? There are plenty of differing opinions in the ongoing independent repair shops vs. dealership debate. Your friend may have had such a great experience with dealership mechanics that he'll never switch, but another swears by independent repair shops.


Where you take your car or truck has a lot to do with experience and the choices available in your local area. If you're undecided, here are four reasons why so many people are loyal to independent repair shops.

  1. You'll get to know your mechanic. There's something to be said for a mechanic who not only gets to know you but gets to know your vehicle as well. You can take your car to a dealership for years without ever speaking directly to a mechanic.
  2. Their technicians are trained and experienced. Many small shop mechanics were formerly dealership employees, bringing their industry-experience to local repair shops. Independent repair shops make sure their employees receive ongoing training, including for newly-released models and specialized vehicles like hybrid cars.
  3. Access to a wide variety of services. Independent repair shops are free to work on any vehicle they choose. They can provide a wide range of services, parts and labor warranties and OEM parts, but they can also offer less expensive or even rebuilt parts to save their customers money.
  4. Their local reputation is important to them. Independent repair shops are on their own and are dependent upon local goodwill to keep their business open. They'll often go the extra mile to provide superior customer service including fair prices, quality service, on-time repairs, and professional courtesy.

Where do you stand in independent repair shops vs. dealership debate? Call or stop by Naylor's Auto Repair to discover the difference a full-service, independent repair shop can offer!