Tips for Car Maintenance in Hot Summer Months

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 06/19/2019 - 14:52

Summer can be as hard on a car as the winter months. During the warm season, there are a number of ways you can make the hot weather easier on your car to minimize the amount of wear it puts on your vehicle.

Tire Maintenance

Tires can take particularly hard wear in the summer. If any of your tires are low, they are at risk for overheating and blowing out. This is an even bigger risk on hot days that have heated up the road to high temperatures. Never drive in the summer with under-inflated tires. Every month, perform a pressure check on each tire. It is common for tires to lose a pound of pressure every month with normal driving. When checking the pressure, allow the tires to cool down for a more effective pressure reading. Keep your tires at the recommended pressure detailed in the manufacturer's manual.

Checking Your Fluids

Many of the fluids your car uses are used to cool various systems and keep them from overheating. If any of these fluids are too low, they will not be able to effectively cool them. As part of your regular car maintenance, it's important to check those fluids regularly during the summer to ensure that no fluids are low. Be sure to check the motor oil, as well as the steering fluid, the transmission fluid, and the brake fluid for any loss. Always refill them with the fluid types that are recommended by the manufacturer.

Curbing Engine Heat

In the summer, the heat generated by the engine can be exacerbated by the high temperatures outside. With this comes the risk of an overheating engine. To prevent this from happening, flush out the cooling system during the summer season. You can look at the instructions from the car's manufacturer to find out how to do this properly, but we recommend having a professional perform this maintenance as a part of a more comprehensive service on your car's cooling system. In between the system flushes, check the coolant to make sure it is full enough to help handle the heat. When you do this, look at the drive belts and the hoses, using the manufacturer's instructions, to make sure that the summer heat hasn't caused any cracks or other damage.

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