Which Auto Maintenance Services You Need

By Naylor's Auto Repair on Sat, 05/18/2019 - 14:52

When it comes to our personal health, we might take vitamins or go to the gym (or at least pay for a gym membership and set an alarm and plan to go). So what do we do for our cars to make sure their engines stay healthy so they can get us where we're going for years to come?

Here are a few automotive preventative maintenance services that will keep your engine healthy.

Multipoint Inspection

How much does a comprehensive vehicle inspection cost?

They’re FREE at Naylor’s Auto Repair in Boise, Idaho

During our multipoint inspection, we’ll test all your car’s systems to look for any areas that might give you trouble immediately, and down the road. We’ll provide you with pictures and documentation on the results and take the time to make sure you understand what needs immediate attention and what can wait--and make sure you’re armed with the signs and signals that there is no more time to put off crucial repairs.

Regular Oil Change Services

How often should I have my oil changed?

This varies from car to car. Older models (about 2002 and older) need to be serviced every 3,000 miles. After about 2003, many vehicles went to 5,000 miles. In the past few years, manufacturers have started going to full synthetic oil which allows for about 10,000 miles between service. 

Antifreeze Exchange

Why Do I Need an Antifreeze Exchange?

Your antifreeze works hard all summer to keep your car cool; then in the winter, it's responsible for keeping your engine from freezing as temperatures drop. Even if it doesn't get that cold, it's still important to replace this fluid because antifreeze degrades over time and becomes acidic which leads to corrosion to your engine's crucial systems. To prevent this, antifreeze should be changed at least every 50K miles.

Car Battery Service

What's Included in a Car Battery Service?

Naylor's Auto Repair will test your battery and clean the connections. Your vehicle's battery works harder in the winter, which is why they always seem to die during colder conditions (no, it's not just Murphy's Law). We'll make sure your battery has what it takes to make it through summer and not leave you out in the cold during the Idaho winter.

How are Hybrid Car Batteries Different?

While your onboard computers are continually testing your hybrid battery, it's your regular vehicle battery that powers those onboard computers! Since the regular 12-volt battery in your hybrid is smaller than in traditional vehicles, they are generally more susceptible to problems and die faster.

Summer or winter, Naylor's hybrid vehicle experts will make sure you and your hybrid car's engine are ready for any weather. Contact Us to get started with your multipoint inspection and engine protection services.