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independent repair shops vs dealerships

Independent Repair Shops vs. Car Dealerships

Automobile mechanic repairman hands repairing a car engine automotive workshop with a wrench, car service and maintenance

When your car needs a little TLC, you have two basic options for help: a brand-name dealership, or an independent repair shop. Many car owners aren't quite sure which to trust or where they'll get the best service. That's why we're breaking down the difference and helping you make the best decision for you, your wallet, and of course, your car!

Independent Repair Shops vs. Dealerships

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Whether you treat your car like your only child or just see it as four tires and a steering wheel, you know you need the best, most capable, and most affordable service to keep it running. However, that's not as easy as it sounds. Where do you turn--to an independent repair shop with a few friendly, professional mechanics, or a dealership with a big name and bigger price tag? Let's find out.