Winter Weather Tips for Your Ignition Interlock Device

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 12/28/2020 - 11:30

While having an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle is not always ideal, it is essential to maintain it so that it performs accurately and helps you have limited issues in your daily life. One of the ways to maintain this device is to take advantage of these winter tips so that you are not left with an underperforming or nonperforming ignition interlock device throughout the seasonal weather. 

Insulate Your Device

One of the most important things you can do for your ignition interlock device is to insulate it through the winter weather. When your vehicle is off and parked, you should wrap something similar to an oven mitt around the device to keep it warm and protect it from the dropping temperatures in the winter. Whatever you are using for insulation should have a tight fit to keep it warm. Like most parts that use electricity, they can be sensitive to cold weather and can impair the function of the device. 

Test Your Car Battery

Because your ignition interlock relies on your car battery to properly function, it is essential to ensure that the car battery is operating at full power throughout the winter. If you have a battery that is underperforming when tested, then it is time to replace it. A poor battery connection could force you to retake your test multiple times or not capture readings adequately. 

Store Your Device High

During the winter, you do not want to keep your ignition interlock stored in the floorboard or low where snow and ice can easily access it. You want to keep it covered and secure in an area that moisture cannot get to, like your glove compartment, cup holder, or center console. 

Warm It Up Before You Use It

Before you provide your sample to your ignition interlock, it is essential to blow into the device and give it some time to warm up. Sitting in a cold cabin overnight could force the readings to be off and be problematic for you. When you finally decide to provide your sample, the interior of the cabin should be warm and comfortable before you take off. 

Opt For A Windshield Barrier

If you do not have an enclosed garage or shelter for your vehicle, consider purchasing a windshield barrier for your vehicle. These barriers prevent ice and snow from accumulating on your windshield, allowing your vehicle to heat up quicker than if you did not have one. It also provides another insulation layer for your cabin where the ignition interlock is being stored during these seasonal temperatures. 

Get The Service You Can Trust

Being able to maintain the health and condition of your ignition interlock is essential to your daily life and getting back to the life that you once had. One of these devices that has not been properly maintained for the winter will prove to be problematic halfway through and prevent you from getting to where you need to go. If you would like for one of our technicians at Naylor's Auto Repair to inspect your device and get it winter-ready, give us a call today.