Summer Car Maintenance: Simple DIY Tips

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 07/22/2019 - 15:24

When most people hear the words "car maintenance," they don't expect to hear the word "easy" any time soon. However, with these simple tips, you can keep your car happy and healthy through the summer months--all with your own two hands!

Protecting Your Car

Whether you love the heat or hate it, one thing's for sure: your car isn't necessarily a big fan. Sure, there are no huge snowdrifts to worry about, and your heater gets a break--but there are other hazards when the weather gets warm. Of course, the best thing to do is find a car maintenance expert to keep your car healthy and happy--but in the meantime, you can still have a few tricks up your sleeve.

Here are simple DIY car maintenance tips to try this summer!

  • Check your oil.

This is a pretty easy one--so easy, in fact, that you could head out and do it right now. Since oil keeps your engine lubricated and helps minimize overheating issues that tend to occur right in the middle of your big summer road trip, it's important to make sure those oil levels are where they need to be. (Remember, adding oil is one thing; changing oil is a job for the pros, and needs to be done about every 5,000 miles.)

  • Check your tires.

To properly check your tires, you'll need to leave your car parked for three hours, so you're getting the most accurate information. Next, check the recommended PSI (pounds per square inch) in your owner's manual, and check to make sure your tires aren't underinflated. If they are, they'll affect gas mileage (not good) and maybe even blow (definitely not good).

  • Get a car wash.

Washing your car is actually great for summer maintenance because it gets rid of dirt, debris, and dead bugs that can create a sort of "corrosive film" in the heat, which will damage your paint and can eventually lead to rust. (Plus, who doesn't love a shiny car?)

Looking for more summer maintenance tips to keep your car running smoothly? Contact us today!