How to Prevent Ignition Interlock Issues

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With your ignition interlock set up and ready to use, you want to avoid problems and keep it operating smoothly. It shouldn't be a huge inconvenience; it should be a device that allows you to stay on the road, stay compliant, and not interfere with your regular work life.

Naylor's Auto Repair knows that having a properly functioning device is critical to keep your life moving. Our team is available for support and assistance to keep you safe, compliant, and on the road. Here are a few key ways to avoid malfunctions with your device to keep you driving and reduce frustrations.

Potential Ignition Interlock Issues

Many issues begin with ignition interlock devices that are poorly maintained or ignored. While it may not be the most fun device to have, if you take care of it a bit, it will work better and allow you to continue your life without hassle.

A few issues occur when the device is dirty, stored on the seat or floor, used incorrectly, or not serviced as needed. The best way to stay ahead of these problems is to prevent them.

Prevention is Key

You can follow these steps to prevent more significant issues, frustration, or impacts on your work or life.

  1. Do your research; you can learn more about how ignition interlock devices work to streamline your use.

  2. Keep the device clean and dry using only a dampened cloth.

  3. Call a service technician for assistance in fixing your device, this will help to prevent concerns of tampering.

  4. Store the device in the holder to protect it from damage.

  5. Be careful and conscientious when using it, this includes pulling over to perform any retests.

  6. Plan ahead and don't eat or drink before using the device.

Talk to Naylor's Auto Repair

The team at Naylor's Auto Repair is available for ignition interlock assistance, support, and questions. Reach out any time or stop by to work with us on installing and overseeing your device. We're happy to help.