Diesel Engine Maintenance for Ranchers and Farmers

By Naylor's Auto Repair on Tue, 03/16/2021 - 10:20

For hard-working farmers and ranchers, today’s modern diesel-powered pickups are quickly bridging the gap between light-duty trucks and the kinds of tasks that only a semi could take on before, so it’s no surprise that they are being used more and more for agricultural, commercial and industrial uses.

Today’s diesel pickups are packing gargantuan power, commercial-grade transmissions, and brakes along with all the creature comforts of high-end sedans. But when it comes to maintenance, the kind of care that your sedan would thrive on might not be quite enough to keep your hard-working truck running reliably and efficiently.

So when you depend on your truck for more than just runs to the grocery store or picking the kids up from their football games, maintenance becomes much more important, and here’s why.

Fuel Economy

Today’s modern diesel engines are more fuel-efficient than ever, but if you fail to properly maintain your engine and associated systems your fuel mileage will start creeping in the wrong direction, and this can really add up (especially if you are running a fleet). The dollars you will start to lose due to reduced fuel economy can add up quickly, and overtake any cost savings associated with neglecting to have your diesel engines properly maintained.

Repair Bills

Delaying or neglecting regular maintenance can severely impact the longevity of diesel engines, turning what could be a robust and durable powerplant into a very expensive paperweight or at least a very long repair bill. Failing to take care of your truck via essential preventative maintenance will transform that reliable workhorse of yours into a big breakdown, and lead to downtime that can last weeks or longer.

Taking the time to get your diesel pickups set up on a regular schedule of checks and maintenance can be a real foundation of youth when it comes to your engine and all its associated systems, saving you time and money in the long run.

Emissions and Noise Dampening

Modern diesel engines have a number of systems and components set in place to manage pollutants, and if you are in an area that requires regular emissions testing in order to renew your registration, proper maintenance isn’t just a nice thing to do, it’s a legal necessity!

Similarly, if you are concerned about pollution of the noise type, regular maintenance will also extend the life of your exhaust components and keep your diesel engine running smoothly, quietly, and smoke-free. Now that’s something that will make you, your neighbors, and the cows happy!

Easier Starts

If you own a diesel pickup and use it every day to keep your operation running, you already know the toll that winter can have on batteries, radiators, and more. You also might have experienced some hard starts when it’s cold, and been the person waiting in the parking lot while everybody else was already in the field. Maintaining your diesel engine (and all the supporting systems, fluids, and components) can lead to easier cold starts, and less time waiting for rescue or the temperature to warm up.

When your pickup or fleet is professionally maintained, you can expect winterization, inspections, and maintenance that will keep you working, not waiting!

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