The Basics of Your Vehicle's Transmission Fluid Exchange

Submitted by Tech Support on Mon, 11/23/2020 - 21:38

Most people are aware that proactive maintenance of vehicle transmission fluid is important. However, plenty of people are unaware as to why transmission fluid exchange is essential for vehicle functionality. Let’s take a closer look at vehicle transmission fluid exchange.

Transmission Fluid Exchange Explained

Transmission fluid exchanges are an essential form of auto maintenance that most people do not give much thought to yet are actually quite important. Transmission fluid exchange should be closely monitored to ensure optimal vehicle functionality. Transmission fluid exchange is an especially important component of vehicle maintenance for automobiles that rely on a manual transmission. The transmission fluid used in vehicles that rely on the commonly used automatic transmission is flushed out, permitting the full replacement of all the fluid within the vehicle’s system. However, that used in the manual variety must be exchanged. 

Automobile transmissions send power created within the engine to the wheels. Transmission fluid ensures the transmission system’s components are cooled and lubricated to the optimal level with the overarching goal of minimizing destructive friction. Fail to perform transmission fluid exchange and your car won't’ function as smoothly as it should, creating the potential for transmission failure.

The Process of Transmission Fluid Exchange

Transmission fluid gradually breaks down as a result of heat and friction. This process prevents the vehicle’s transmission fluid from working properly, creating deposits that make it difficult for the vehicle to function properly. The last thing you want is a damaged transmission resulting from the failure to perform a transmission fluid exchange, ultimately resulting in repairs that cost several thousands of dollars.

Also referred to as a transmission flush, the transmission fluid exchange involves the replacement of the used fluid with brand new fluid. However, the flush and exchange are not exactly the same. Transmission flushes send chemicals throughout the entirety of the system to clean debris. Exchange is more of a form of preventative maintenance as opposed to a repair.

The Frequency of Transmission Fluid Exchanges

Transmission fluid is essential for your vehicle’s operation so it is better to err on the side of changing the fluid more frequently as opposed to less frequently. The exact frequency at which the transmission fluid exchange occurs hinges on the vehicle’s mileage, model, make, year, and the type of driving performed. In general, it is prudent to perform a transmission fluid exchange once every 25,000 to 40,000 miles. However, if you do not drive this many miles per year, it is in your interest to have the transmission fluid exchanged once every three years. When in doubt, take a look at your vehicle’s owner’s manual to determine the exact frequency for transmission fluid exchange.

Ideally, you will check the transmission fluid with regularity. Routine maintenance of transmission fluid really does help extend the lifespan of your vehicle’s transmission. Transmission fluid checks are particularly important if your vehicle is older. Even if your car is not that old, it is in your interest to perform transmission fluid checks once per month. Rely on our trustworthy automotive professionals to do the work for you. We will perform comprehensive vehicle transmission fluid exchanges on your behalf, ensuring your vehicle functions exactly as designed. 

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