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3 Tips for Maintaining Your Hybrid Long Term

White hybrid car

Let’s face it; car maintenance is much easier said than done. But maintaining any vehicle is critical if you plan to own it for the long run; this is especially true when it comes to hybrid cars. If you are going to keep your hybrid running smooth and reliable beyond the warranty, it is critical that you maintain your:

  • Transmission Fluid
  • Brake Fluid
  • Hybrid Battery

Maintaining these three parts of your hybrid will cost much less than if you don’t give them proper care and eventually are forced to replace the parts. Here’s what we mean:

Transmission Fluid

Every 50,000 miles, your hybrid vehicles tr

ansmission fluid should be replaced. Although this fluid does not break down as quickly as it does in a gas-powered car, the fluid does become contaminated with iron oxide over time. When this occurs, it can cause severe damage to your electric motor and result in expensive part replacements.

A hybrid transmission can cost around $11,000 to replace while frequent transmission fluid changes, which prolong the life of your transmission, cost around $115.

Brake Fluid

Flushing your hybrid’s brake fluid regularly plays a crucial part in avoiding an expensive part failure. If your brake fluid is never replaced, the linear valve, which plays a critical role in the wheel alignment, will become corroded and over time leave your vehicle undrivable.

Hybrid Battery

A hybrid’s battery is designed to last the length of the car’s life if it is properly maintained. The problem is, most dealerships do not equip you with the tools to maintain your battery. For the most part, a dealership will only be able to assist you once your battery has failed, Naylor’s Auto Repair, on the other hand, has the equipment to help you prevent battery failure and ensure a long life for your hybrid battery.

If you bring your hybrid in for battery servicing at or before 60,000 miles, we can evaluate and rebalance your battery’s modules, preparing it for the second half of its life.

To learn more about hybrid maintenance or to schedule your service appointment today, contact Naylor’s Auto Repair today!